Retiring and Pension in Japanese

働く人たちのイラスト(高齢者) | かわいいフリー素材集 いらすとや

We usually retired at age of 60 before.

But recently it becomes 65.

Now government consider about 70 years old.

After people retired , they can receive pension.

There are 2 kinds of pension.

One is public and the other is Welfare pension.

People who work by themselves pay and receive from public pension.

These people pay 16,410 Japanese yen (2019~) every month.

People who work as employee pay and receive from welfare pension.

Employees pay for pension organization before they receive salary every month automatically.

The ratio is 18.3%(2017~) of employees salary but companies help to pay 50%.

The amount of pension is depend on person ,how much they payed during working.

Even after retired , people tend to want to work as part time job.

Because most people feel the amount is not enough.

So there are lots of elderly people working.

We can see them at burger shops , super markets , convenience stores.

Let’s learn words related to Retiring and Pension.

Retire 引退 いんたい Intai

Pension 年金 ねんきん Nenkin

public pension 国民年金 こくみんねんきん Kokumin Nenkin

welfare pension 厚生年金 こうせいねんきん Kousei Nenkin

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