Japanese holidays

We have a lot of national holidays.

There are 18 national holidays a year.

Basically companies provide holidays 1 or 2 days a week.

Usually it becomes Saturday and Sunday.

Companies provide holidays for New Year , Golden Week and Summer vacation.

They will be a week each.

Employees can receive payed holidays depend on company and how long do you work for that company.

It may be around from 5 days to 20 days a year.

You can bring over remained payed holidays to next year.

AND there are special case holidays like for Marry , funeral and Birthing child.

Let’s learn Japanese words which related to holidays.

holidays お休み おやすみ Oyasumi

payed holidays 有給休暇 ゆうきゅうきゅうか Yuukyuukyuuka

national holidays 祝日 しゅくじつ Syukujitsu

week end 週末 しゅうまつ Syumatsu

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