Health Insurance in Japanese

Your government or company provide you health insurance ?

In Japan , basically , there are 2 kind of insurance.

One is provided by Government.

The other is provided by Health Organizations.

There are many Health Organizations and Companies choose organization and contract with them.

Some Companies own their own Health organization.

People who work by themselves join Public Health Organization.

People who work for Company join Health Organization which company contract with.

If people get problem and go to hospital , Health insurance help to pay 70%.

(Actually ratio is depends on Your age.Most people(6~70 years old) can get 70%.)

Aside from Insurance , government help children to go to hospital.

Depends on City but Children only pay few hundreds Japanese Yen for diagnosis.

That is very helpful.

Let’s learn Japanese related to Health Insurance!

Health Insurance 健康保険 けんこうほけん Kenko Hoken

Hospital 病院 びょういん Byouin

Doctor 医者 いしゃ Isya

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