Japanese Pet Market

We consider about petting dog for family.

So we visited pet shop.

There are lots of dogs and cats.

They are so cute ~.

But I thought it was very expensive.

Smaller dogs or cats are more expensive than others.

It costs from 150 thousands to 500 thousands Japanese Yen.

We need to join insurance for them.

It costs 4 thousands Yen each month.

We have to purchase gauge and bag to bring them.

It consts 70 thousands Yen totally.

It seems to be better if we castration them.

I was surprised but it seems to be good for animals.

Because it can help to reduce the risk of getting sick.

Pets are for Pet.

There is Pet market , I felt.

We can not say please provide cheaper.

Because they are lives.

Please remember the words related to pet.

Pet ペット ぺっと Petto

Cat 猫 ねこ Neko

Dog 犬 いぬ INU

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