Summer festivals in Japanese

夏祭りの無料イラスト フリー素材集 - カフィネット

Do you have Summer festivals ?

What are they like ?

In Japan , there are a lot of festivals in Summer.

Many Organizations , Cities take place summer festivals.

People wear Japanese Traditional Cloth called “Yukata”.

People dance Japanese Traditional dance “Bon Odori”.

People dance around tower which organizer play Japanese Dram “Taiko”.

夏祭り・盆踊り05 | フリー素材ドットコム

There are many shops for festivals.

We can buy Dishes like Japanese style ice “Kakigori” , Japanese style pancake “Okonomiyaki”.

Japanese to Know: Common "Matsuri" Words

Fireworks seem to be symbol of summer festival.

But many festival finish with Dance “Bon Odori”.

And there are many other Fireworks Festivals.

People gather specific place to watch Fireworks.

It usually be near by river or beach.

And We watch Fireworks an hour or two hours.

People wear “Yukata” , No dance usually , few shops but watch Fireworks mainly.

花火・打ち上げ花火・夏祭り」のフリー素材(商用利用可能) | Howcang ...

Let’s learn words related to Summer Festivals.

Summer Festivals 夏祭り なつまつり Natsu Matsuri

Japanese Traditional Cloth(Not only this) 浴衣 ゆかた Yukata

Japanese Traditional Dance 盆踊り ぼんおどり Bon Odori

Japanese Style Ice(Not only this) かき氷 かきごおり Kaki Gori

Japanese Style Pancake(Not only this) お好み焼き おこのみやき Okonomi Yaki

Japanese Dram 太鼓 たいこ Taiko

Fireworks Festivals 花火大会 はなびたいかい Hanabi Taikai

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