Play in Japanese

Play sports , play with friends , play role.

these “play” are different words in Japanese.

Play Sports , we say like Do in English “Suru”.

Play with friends, we say “Asobu”.

Play role , we say “Enjiru”.

Play in English is kind of active.

But in Japanese , these actives are separated as word.

Play role , you can say act role.

Play with friends , you can say Do interest things with friends.

But the word “Do” have many meaning in Japanese “Suru”.

Made dishes , Study homework , Go to trip.

We can use “Suru” for them.

Let’s learn words related to Play !

Play sports

スポーツ する

すぽーつ する

Supo-tsu suru

Play with friends

友達 と 遊ぶ

ともだち と あそぶ

Tomodachi to Asobu

Play role

役割 を 演じる

やくわり を えんじる

Yakuwari wo enjiru

Made dishes



Ryouri suru

Study homework



Syukudai suru

Go to trip



Ryokou suru (iku)

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