Convinient Japanese WORD Suimasen (Sumimasen)

We use Suimasen or Sumimasen with variety situation.

Thank you , Sorry , Excuse me.

Suimasen contain those meanings.

When we call waiters at restaurant , we can say Suimasen !

When we go through crowded place , we can say Suimasen .

When somebody help us , we can say Suimasen.

But Arigato is better word to impress thank you.

Suimasen contain sorry so , meaning become like “Thank you but sorry”.

Which is correct Suimasen or Sumimasen ?

Actually Sumimasen is correct word.

But We say Suimasen as colloquial usually.

Let’s study Japanese word Suimasen with the movie below !

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